Privacy and Cookie Policy

This web site does not presently contain advertising. There are three main areas of interest with respect to cookies and privacy:

  1. The main part of my web site is built using static pages that do not generate cookies or collect any user information.
  2. My online store is not hosted at this web site. It is an Etsy shop, governed by Etsy policies at You can access my shop at these URLs:

  3. The blog portion of my web site is built using WordPress and uses Google ReCaptcha to prevent automated spam. The blog also depends upon Google Fonts. Using the blog generates cookies or collects information as follows:
    • WordPress cookies

      If you do not create/use a user login or post comments, you should not encounter the WordPress cookies. Their cookie statement is available here:


    • Google cookies

      Google generates a long list of cookies as soon as you visit my blog. I have no idea what they do. To avoid them, stay on the main site and do not visit the blog, although you will miss out on a lot of great content if you do that. Google's policy statement is available here:


    • Personal information

      WordPress collects some minimal information provided by you if you choose to create a login account, but you can read all the blog’s content without a login account.

    • Social Media

      There are buttons in my blog to allow you to share posts to various social media sites. Using those links will take you to their web sites which are governed by their own privacy policies.

Web Hosting

My web site is hosted at a commercial web hosting company. Like most such hosting companies, their servers collect access logs of some kind. I do not control those logs, nor do I extract personal information from them for my own use.