I design and handcraft the jewelry offered on this website. For my bead jewelry, I use vintage and collectible glass beads, mineral beads and pearls. I love Czech art glass beads. These beads are made in small factories, in small runs, using bead molds and color mixes handed down from generation to generation. Translucent Czech opal glass seems to be lit from within, while the mottled silver oxide ’picasso finish' lends a vintage richness to many colors. Czech flower beads hearken back to the garlands of a pastoral culture in tune with nature, human love, and enjoyment of life.

At shows when availability permits, Bowerbirds offers handmade jewelry and glasswork by excellent local designers. Mary Lukacs of Starlight Glassworks creates brilliant floral fantasy jewelry including her own lampwork glass floral headpins. George Lukas’ artistry shines forth in sculptural and imaginative lampwork beads with bold colors and shapes. Holly Patterson's jewelry is beautiful, structurally interesting, and can frequently be worn in two different ways -- please see her page for a few examples of her work. Kim Butler’s and Jen Aitken’s works have also graced our booth in the past, and our door is open to whatever wearable art ideas by local designers come along each year.

If you live in the Houston/Gulf Coast of Texas area, I encourage you to attend Bowerbirds' shows (see show schedule) to shop for the biggest selection of original designs.

At all the shows on Bowerbirds' schedule, hobbyists may buy some of the same glass bead mixes we use, kits for some of Kathryn's jewelry, and revel in a huge selection of colorful Czech art glass beads and other collectible beads. Our love of color finds expression in our useful bead mixes to embellish your fiber or wirework jewelry projects.

Many of our Czech glass beads are available at our Etsy shop. If you are interested in a particular jewelry design or other item that you don't see at our Etsy shop, e-mail me and I will produce and list the most relevant items in stock for you to choose from. Write me at Bowerbirds1@aol.com.

Thank you for visiting Bowerbirds!

Kathryn Jolly,
Owner, Bowerbirds
E-mail: Bowerbirds1@aol.com
Mail: Bowerbirds, PO Box 271688, Houston, TX 77277-1688

Here's a picture of a blue male Satin Bowerbird. His life is dedicated to making the most beautiful bower (thatched structure) that he can to attract the equally discerning female Bowerbird. He decorates his bower with beautiful objects, including his own bright feathers. Bowerbirds live in Australia and the rainforests of New Guinea.

Bowerbirds breed for artistic skill and are dedicated to beauty. Bowerbirds Jewelry was started and is maintained in the spirit of these wonderful birds.